Brents 50th birthday started in Barnsley at The Rising Sun, then on to Philadelphia, New Jersey and finally finishing up in Atlantic City.

This is Brents story:

To some he is known as the 'Moorbridge Minder', to others the 'Brampton Blade'. In his own village he is known has the 'Swinton Smoothie' and to certain members of his family he is known has 'Brenty Bruiser'. Alliteration followed this man everywhere. Except in Bridgwater, that is, where he is still called 'The Big O'. There he is famous for his songs, such as 'Pretty Woman'; 'It's Over'; 'Crying, I am getting carried away here. I'm now getting him confused with a different Big O....

But like Roy Orbison he is the strong silent type. What he lacks in strength he makes up for in silence. Also he is a man of mystery. He loves football, yet he supports the Blades!!! Pretty mysterious to me.

But to close friends he is simply known has Brent — except by Jim Corbett who calls him Brett. But Jim lives in Newcastle and cannot pronounce the letter N. He actually says he lives in Ewcastle.

Now Brent's other love is the casino; and for his 50th birthday he wanted one final shot of taking down the house... But where to go? He was no longer welome in Las Vegas after he lost Jim Corbett in a card game. Begrudgingly, Dino eventually won him back.

Atlantic City was the place he eventually decided on.

After starting out in The Rising Sun, they would fly out via Philadelphia. That way Sammy could pick up some cheese, then arrive fresh and ready to bust the joint.

Brent likes to train for these marathon gambing sessions by drinking Guinness and Brandy. He then heads for the casino that advertises 'The Loosest Slots in Town'. After drinking for 4 days the entire Fat Pack also had the loosest slots in town!!!!

Well, the birthday went great — but not the gambling. Brent once again got 'slaughtered on the slots', bombed on the blackjack', and had to 'retire on the roulette'... Even now alliteration still follows this man everywhere.

The final day it was all or nothing at the Crap table, but his words "blow on these baby" and "do you wanna roll my dice" had no luck for him whatsoever. All he could roll was snake eyes. So Brent once again 'crapped out at craps' and left the casino vowing never to crap again.

The next day we flew home. This time we got lucky. We managed to upgrade to first class, although this wasn't very lucky for our fellow passengers. Nobody snores like old Dino. I think they would have willingly traded their seats with the people seated in economy class. It had been a great birthday, yet Brent didn't seem the same man. Maybe it is because he is now 50; or maybe he is still hoping to make that big score. Perhaps because he lost Jim Corbet in yet another card game. (This time Old Blue Eyes won him back)

The holiday had a strange effect on both Brent and Jim....

Jim is now in a rest home telling people that, "Robson and Jerome are still the best thing to come out of Newcastle". Strangely enough The 'Big P' agrees with him!

Brent can be seen watching his beloved football team, still mumbling the word........... CRAP!

Here are some more. Click on a picture to enlarge.

The thing about the cheese, is a lie........ Sammy

Robson and Jerome are great................. Peter

I live in Ewcastle not bloody Ewcastle.......... Jim

Crapppppppppppppppppppp................... Brent