Well as you can see I have a lot in common with Frank — if you overlook the fact that I cannot sing, I cannot dance, I cannot act and I am not American. But, like Frank, I can swear on oath that I have never been involved with the Mafia, and also I am the Chairman of the board......... Well, I am the Chairman and they are Bored !!!

I was born in Wombwell, Barnsley, UK This is where I met Jack (Dino) Sagar. We both shared the same interests and have remained close friends ever since. The rest of the pack consists of my brother Neil (Joey).."the quiet one"; John (Sammy Davis) Halligan, the only packster who has ever won a dance competition.."I think it was the Okey Cokey"; and lastly, Paul (Peter Lawford) Wilkinson, who we only tolerate because of his connection to the "Kennedys". Not THE Kennedys, but Kennedy Travel Agents, who over the years have organised our trips to New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, New Orleans and (next year) Route 66, of which more later...

My first memory of Sinatra was a photograph on the piano. My mother told me it was Uncle Frank and for years I grew up thinking isn't my Uncle Frank a great singer (Boy was I gullible!). The following Horsfield's 11 are the records my mother and I use to listen to, and the photo at the top of the page is the one from the Piano — Uncle Frank. Not only was there music, but there were movies. Come take a look at the Rat Pack Movies.

Now it is fairly obvious that "Sinatra" is my preferred choice of music, but I also love those awful country and western songs....... You know. The kind.."Wife left me,dog died and the whisky bottle is empty". So here is a list of mine and the guys' favourite dreadful Country-Western song titles....... All of these are true ! .

PS. If you've developed a Barnsley fetish after following the first link on this page, you might fancy trying Barnsley Towntalk.