Below are some pictures of our friends.
More pictures will be added when we can find some more friends.

Ian Cairns had to go to
live in the USA...
For obvious reasons!

Bob Harrison: Chinese
accupuncturist to the stars.

Brent: quenching his thirst
after a night on the town.

Dave Sykes: after his operation
to remove his crash helmet.

Ian Crossley: about to
embark on a maiden voyage
of Scarborough harbour.

Jim Hamshaw: Wombwell's
very own rock star and lead singer with "The Shades".

Mike: our Web designer and official chronicler of the Fat Pack

Butch Cairns: fitting into
the Wild West.

Small Paul Etherington, the man who discovered pop group "The Shades" and still denies it !

Jim Corbett and the John Lennon
statue in Havana. Jim is the one
on the left (we think).

Steve Robertshaw: BDA chess
champion contemplating
his next move.

Thunderbolt Mulrooney: in
preparation for the BR
Eastern Divisional Championship.

Dillon: recently voted
pipe cleaner of the year.

Patrick Green: the original
naked chef, proudly displaying
his balls.

Stuart "Constrictor" Crookes:
getting ready to syphon the python.

J.A. Petch: famous Welsh poet.
"Dai You're Delightful" and
"I Enjoy A Leek" are his
finest works.

Sgt Bilko Horbury: ex Royal Latrines.
No one made a movement
without him.

John Mc Niffe: also known
as "Florence of Arabia".

Fine Time Fontayne: Our actor friend. Behind bars in some movie or other—Probably a male version of Prisoner Cell Block H.

Small Paul Etherington on his first audition to join The Krankies

Getting 'Stoned' with
Chris Jagger

Finallly, Mike J Ward again:
Our overworked Webmaster—or
should that be "Webslave"!
He rarely sees the light of day.