The press pack are never far behind the Fat Pack. Here are some of the pictures they took,
mixed in with some from the archive.
(Click an image to enlarge)

Emile Griffith, ex heavyweight
boxer with the boys in New York.

Fat Pack and friends in a bar
(as usual) in their native Barnsley.

The more daring members
of the Fat Pack preparing
to sky dive in Las Vegas.

Back home Dean's Brother,
Gary, after Las Vegas.

Getting acquainted with
the musicians in the
Chicago Blues Bar.

Outside the world famous
Cotton Club in New York.

Another world famous spot,
the Inglaterra Hotel in Cuba.

THE place to be seen!
The Nacional Hotel, Cuba.

Travelling in style, as usual.
Showboat Casino, Las Vegas.

Frank and golfer Joey.
Travelling in style to a golf match
at the 19th hole in Las Vegas.

The Fat Pack.
Live on stage in Wakefield.

The Fat Pack looking for
a game around Freemont St,
Las Vegas.

Deano looking cool before his
dive into one of the Ocean's
eleven fathoms. With Frank.

Dean, Frank, Finetime
and the boys in The Railway.
A bar they use when they need
to keep their heads down.

Patiently waiting for someone
to buy the next drinks.

Dressing the part for a trip to
a local bar in Cuba.

Gary, Jack, Col, Dave in one of
the beer houses in Munich.
Doing what they do best.

Well one of us must know where
the cat went.

Gary's Batchelor party at
Heppys bar in Wakefield 1973.
All these guys are still going
out together today.

Affectionate friends
in a London bar.

Frank and Dino looking around Insbrook, Austria.

At Brents house with the Route 66 medalion and certificate.

The original tiller girls.

The original Oceans 11.

The fat pack on tour.

Frank & Dino —
or is it Sonny & Cher?

Peter and Ray Weaver auditioning for the film "Porky and the Bandit"

Peter getting cuffed with Ray, Tim and Trixie the strippergram.

It was obvious that Joey's (hand on hip, front row) idea to form a Village People tribute band wasn't really going to work.

Dino's career was at an all time low, after he was reduced to playing with the Barnsley Bavarian Stompers.

The boys swinging in a bar
—New Orleans style.

The Fat Pack proving white
men can't sing the blues.

The Fat Pack outside Gracelands feeling "All Shook Up"


The Fat Pack in New Orleans about to go "Rolling on a River"

The Fat Pack with Cajun alligator hunter, Garee Robideauax.

The Fat Pack now appearing
at the Grand Ole Opry.

The Good, the bad
and the ugly!

Old Blue Eyes with his son
and minder, Simon, in New York.

Dino told the guys he now only wants to be a sleeping partner
in the pack.

Jason King, Frank Canon, Thomas Magnum and Peter Gunn.

The Fat Pack red eyed in
the Red Hut, Wakefield.

Old Blue Eyes....
With a touch of the
Old Red Eyes.