Hi, I am Sam the song and dance man and I taught the other bums all they know (sorry Frank).

I was born in York but moved to Wombwell at an early age. After a brief spell in the army (Salvation) I went to work for the railway and it was there that I met Gary "Sinatra" Horsfield and the rest of the guys. Now at the time none of the guys could sing or dance, but after years of my expert tuition I am sad to say they still cannot sing and they still ain't got no rhythm.

If you cats were around in the sixties you might just remember me. Back then I was known as Johnny "jive" Halligan and boy could I cut a rug on the dance floor. These days I am built for comfort not for speed, but I can still get into my dancing trousers "the ones with plenty of ballroom...". Well now, my dance steps have taken me all over the world, so like Frank says, "Come toots put on your dancing boots and follow me".

While you're here you might like to check out the site of my football club: Barnsley FC. Except when I am on tour with The Fat Pack I never miss a game!

Now anyone who knows me knows I love football; so I have compiled a list of supid things said about football........and named them "Halligan's Howlers". I also love the ladies almost as much; so check out my Sammy's Sex Tips.